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Salesforce: Applying Junk Filters On Inbound Enrichment

In inbound enrichment, it can become important to create filters in order to weed out the invalid data that some leads may fill out as their input information. This helps eliminate the potential for you to send fake or invalid leads through for Leadspace enrichment, which can use up credits and API calls. To reduce the number of "junk" leads, you can apply certain filters to your inbound data in order to ensure that only quality leads with valid input are sent through for enrichment and to your sales teams.

Below are a few recommended filters that you may want to consider adding to your inbound marketing campaigns.

  • Filter out leads that are missing First Name or Last Name.


  • Filter out leads that have a personal email address such as Gmail, Yahoo, or your work domain, as this indicates internal users.


  • Filter out leads outside your market. If you do not sell outside the US, put in a filter to only enrich US companies.



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