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Salesforce: Moved Lead/Contact Flow

Use Cases

What if an existing lead or contact that is in your database left their current company and Leadspace was able to find where they moved to? Or if the company was not found to be able to update the lead or contact record as well as send an alert to the account owner. If the contact that left was a champion of your product this could be a quick win for your sales team. On the other hand, if a prospect's main point of contact left, you would not want your sales team to waste time chasing a lead who is no longer working at the company.


 With Leadspace’s Moved Lead/Contact flow, Leadspace will update the existing lead or contact record to reflect the move as well as create a new lead or contact record if the new company was found. This will allow for clean data management and all existing people records to be up to date.

How it works:

Scenario A: If the company was able to be found

1) Leadspace will create a new lead record. 


Note: We will work you to determine if there are any additional fields you would like to populate while the new lead is being created.

2) We will at the same time update the existing lead to indicate they are not longer with the company that is specified:



Scenario B: If Leadspace was NOT able to find the company the lead or contact moved to.

1) Leadspace will only update the existing lead to indicate they are not longer with the company that is specified:


 NOTE: The above are examples of leads, but the same process is true for Contacts as well.

We can also add to the process to alert the account owner if a lead or contact was identified. This way your Sales Team will be aware and take the proper next steps.


There are many benefits to having the Moved Lead or Contact flow:

  • Identify Leads/Contacts that have moved so the account owners are not working on leads that are no longer with the company.
  • Time savings for account owners.
  • Better data management; leads/contacts have proper information. 


If you would like more information about setting up this flow, please reach out to and we will be happy set up a call.

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