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Eloqua: Sending New Leads for Enrichment from a Web form

This document outlines how to send inbound leads from Web Forms into Leadspace enrichment. 

Creating an enrichment canvas

We suggest using junk filters in your enrichment canvas to help eliminate the potential for you to send fake or invalid leads through for Leadspace enrichment, which can use up credits and API calls. A complete tutorial on how to build in your campaign/program canvas, using filters, can be accessed here

1. Navigate to Orchestration>Campaigns


2. Select Create a Multi-Step Campaign.


3. Implement junk filter logic in canvas. Demonstration found here

4. Insert a wait step on the top of all filter logic. This will be used as an entry point for all form inbound leads. 

5. Insert a Leadspace Cloud Action App, and connect all positive node paths to enrichment step. 

6. Save campaign as "LS Inbound Filter by country and email", and activate. 

Appending the Add to Campaign Processing Step

7. In your form, navigate to the Processing tab.

8. Insert an "Add to Campaign" processing step.

9. Select the campaign we created earlier, and direct contacts to the wait step. 

10. Save your form. 

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