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Eloqua - Update Contact Fields from CDO When Blank


When a Contact is a enriched in Eloqua the fields are written into the CDO tables (both the Standard and SLM CDO if Site Level Matching is enabled). This flow will allow the Leadspace fields  that are in the CDOs to be written to your standard Contact table when blank.


Here is an screenshot of a sample program canvas (updating 4 fields):

Let's dig into each of the different steps on how to set up. In this article, we will walk thru how to setup for updating just ONE field. Steps will need to be repeated for subsequent field updates

A few items to set up before we build the actual program canvas.

1) Create Additional fields in the CDO: First we need to create new fields for each field that you are wanting to update from the CDO to the Contact table. This is to create a flag to do the update. (Ex: If you are wanting to update 'City' you can create a new field 'Update City' or something equivalent)

To do this go to Contact Card > Custom Object

Select the LS_Standard_CDO > Custom Object > Custom Object Record Fields > Create New Fields

Create a new field called 'Update [field you are updated]' (Ex: Update City)

2) Setting up the Record Service: 

Navigate to Contact Card > Custom Objects 

Click on the down arrow next to 'LS_Standard_CDO' and select 'Custom Object Record Services':

From there Click on 'Modified Data' > 'Edit Services Actions'

Add new Processing Step.

Step: Select 'Save to Contact Table

Description: Give the name of the field you are updating (Ex: City)


In this example we are updating 'City' when blank.

Required Parameters

Email Address: Data Card Field 'Original Email' (this will be the unique identifier)

Contact Type: Regular Contact

Overwrite Existing: Yes

Optional Parameters

Put in the field that you are wanting to update, in this case:

City: Value - LS Person City (in our example we just have 'City' as the field name in the CDO)

This Processing Step Gets Executed

Only if the following Condition is met:

'Update [Field]' is not 'BLANK' (ex: Update City)

You will need to create a separate one for each field you are updating.

**Make sure to Enable the Record Service

3) Create the Update Rules

Go to Contact Card > Tools > Data Tools

Update Rule Set details

Name: [Field that you are updating]

Select the CDO

Update Rule: 

Update City (or select the field name you are updating) 

Append set Value to Field

Value: Y

Apply and Save.

You will need to create a separate update rule for each field.

Then create one additional update rule to reset all the 'Update [Field]' fields back to blank.

4) Build the Program Canvases

A) First we need to build a Program for each of the fields you are wanting to update. 



The 'Compare Custom Object Fields' criteria:

- LS_Standard_CDO '[LS Field you are Updating] (ex: LS Lead City) in this case City

- NOT is blank

You will need to create the flow above for each field you are needing to update.

B) We need another flow for the Reset Update Rule


C) Final flow - for just updating City in this example, except this time create a new Contact Program.

If you would like more information about setting up this flow, please reach out to and we will be happy to set up a call.


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