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Guide to Key Leadspace Enrichment Fields


Field Name


Enrichment Insights:




Enrichment Status

Person & Company Enriched = we found both the person and the company

Company Enriched = we only found the company

Person Enriched = we only found the person

Not Enriched = we were unable to find either company or person.



Whether or not we’ve been able to verify the person details either via social platforms or email validation (Verified, Not Verified).  If we have been able to verify the person but see that they are at a new company, we will return a status of ‘moved’


Verification Source

If the person is verified, then indicated whether this was via social, email or both.  Highest confidence is with both.


Original Email Verification

 In ‘pinging’ the email we can come back with a valid, invalid or unknown response.  A recipient can set their email service to not receive pings, so this ‘hidden’ status is often the source of the majority of the Unknown 





Person Score

A ‘fit’ score against the personas you have created.  The scores can be 0,30,50,70,90 or -1.  A '-1' indicates the lead has properties that were specifically called out to not be relevant to this persona.


Profile with Max Person Score

A text field that brings back the best persona for that lead based on all persona scores


Predictive Score

Only if a predictive model has been built




Person Demographic:




Person Title

Person business title


Person LinkedIn Profile

Person LinkedIn Profile URL


Person Department

Best fit department based on our title/department mappings, or can be mapped via value-mapping for custom title/department fits


Person Level

Staff, Manager, Director, VP or C-level








Person Job Functions

Based on what we can find socially or via data sources such as jobsites.  These could be for example Engineering, Sales or Software Engineering


Person Technologies

Based on technologies that we have found the person references themselves using via social platforms, jobsites etc.


Website Install Base

Premium feature: Ask your CSM for details.




Company Demographic:




Company Name

 Name of the Company


Company Website

 Company's webiste


Company LinkedIn Profile

 Company's LinkedIn Profile URL








Company Size - Exact

Exact number of employees when available


Company Size Range

Employee range - These ranges can be taken as is or mapped to a customer’s set of ranges if desired



The revenue for the company. 


Industry, SIC, NAICS

Company Industry, SIC and NAIC codes



Company Location




Company Hierarchy:





A unique ID created by Leadspace that provides for lead to account matching and account to account matching


LS Site Fields

The lowest level of the legal company tree.


LS DU Fields

The highest domestic entity, known as Domestic Ultimate


LS GU Fields

The highest global entity, known as  Global Ultimate




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