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Person Enriched Criteria

In what cases, a prospect will receive "Person Enriched" status?

A person will be given a “Person Enriched” status if either of the following is true:

  • Leadspace verified the person socially or by email or found social URL link
  • Leadspace has found that the person has moved to another company. In such case, the verification status will be = "moved").
  • Leadspace has contact details (email and/or phone) of the person from one of our data sources.
  • Leadspace has found a new lead's title (in addition to an original title, if exists), and/or lead's job functions (that were not originated from the title), and/or lead products and technologies (that were not originated from the title!).

Important to note that finding person's country and/or person's state is not enough to determine that a person is enriched.

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