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Leadspace Company Match: Confidence Score


We score a matched record, based on the likelihood that the record is the best match to the input record.

Confidence Score Field

Object Field Name Field Type
Account/Contact/Lead Matching Confidence Score Number
  • Confidence scores range between 5 and 95, in 10 point jumps (95, 85, 75, 65, etc.), with 95 indicating the highest confidence. 
  • A minimal threshold can be set, and records that score below the threshold will be considered Not Enriched. The default threshold is 0.

Where Does the Confidence Score Apply?

  • Confidence Score is only for company. When enriching people, we return a company confidence score, but not a person confidence score.
  • Confidence Score refers to the Leadspace Matched level of the hierarchy, so it isn't relevant to any of our hierarchy data. If we are able to match to the correct Leadspace Matched Company, the likelihood that the corresponding hierarchy companies are the best match is also high.
  • Confidence Score refers to ONLY the accuracy of the Company Match, not the individual data points. Therefore, it would be possible to have a Confidence Score of 95 but an incorrect Company Size value if we matched to the correct company but had bad Company Size data. (Unlikely but possible.)

Main Use Cases

  • In data workflows that use only data that passes a certain threshold
  • In strategic processes that require high precision data, such as annual sales territory planning
  • In filtering high volumes of leads coming in through web forms and other channels, where partial input information causes low accuracy

Supported Platforms

  • Leadspace enrichment will return the confidence score field in:
    • Leadspace API
    • Leadspace for Salesforce
    • Leadspace on Demand - Enrichment and Lookalike (input companies ONLY)
    • Marketo
    • Eloqua
    • Hubspot
    • Offline enrichment

How Is the Confidence Score Generated?

A confidence score is generated based on:

  • How similar the output data is to the input data. For example, if output Company Location = input Company Location -> higher confidence score.
  • Whether the same output data was returned by multiple data sources. If the output data is aligned across multiple data sources -> higher confidence score.
  • The strength of the data source

How Do I Enable the Confidence Score Field?

  • Salesforce, Eloqua, or API: Contact your CSM.
  • Marketo: If you are creating the field in Salesforce first and syncing to Marketo, contact your CSM. If you are creating the field ONLY in Marketo, create the field in Marketo and send the API name to your CSM.
  • Hubspot: Create the field in Hubspot and send the API name to your CSM.
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