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How To Determine Which Leads/Contacts to Prioritize Following a Leadspace Enrichment

Leadspace provides several different data points in our enrichment service that can help you to determine which records to prioritize.  This guide will give you some points to consider based on our best practices.

Key Fields

Original Email Verification: This is based on an email ‘ping’ and the values returned are Valid, Invalid & Unknown.  Unknown can be for a number of reasons, but the most common is that the company has turned their email platform to ‘incognito’ so that they can not be pinged by email verification services.  In other words, it does not necessarily indicate that an email is inactive.  Therefore, many organizations, including Leadspace, choose to treat this status as neutral rather than negative.

Verified?: Leadspace can verify a person is at a company based either on the email ping described above or via a search engine query that looks at the person’s social data to confirm their current place of employment.  The field that confirms this verification status is called ‘Verified?’ with three possible values – Verified, Not Verified or Moved.

Verification Source: Denotes which verification method was used, with the possible values being Social & Email, Social, Email or blank.

Enrichment Status: This field tells you if we have been able to find the person, the company or both in our data sources.  The possible values are Not Enriched, Person Enriched, Company Enriched or Person & Company Enriched.

For this exercise, you will want to use four columns primarily.  We would recommend you hide the columns in between to make the comparison and filtering easier.

  1. Enrichment Status (Column E)
  2. Verified? (Column H)
  3. Verification Source (Column I)
  4. Original Email Verification (Column R)


Getting Started:

The following will walk you through different ways you can identify records to prioritize from the Leadspace enrichment or clean-up your Marketing Automation or CRM systems.  Our recommendation would be that if you are using this guide for the purpose of deciding which records to prioritize or keep, that you create a column easily titled that you can mark the following records with a yes or no value in.

Person Enriched & Email Valid

Filter the ‘Enrichment Status’ column to show ‘Person Enriched’ and ‘Person & Company Enriched’.  We are going to look at a few different filters here. 

1st Filter the ‘Verified?’ column to ‘Verified’.  From here, filter the ‘Original Email Verification’ to Valid and Unknown. Here we have been able to find the person in our data sources, and also validate that their email is active in the instance of the ‘Valid’ records, or have a higher chance of being active in the ‘Unknown’.  These are records we would recommend you prioritize.  Note: the ‘Unknown’ records have a lesser confidence around the email validity as outlined in the key fields section.



People Who Have Moved

Filter the Verified?’ column to ‘Moved’.  These are records in which we have been able to establish that the person has moved to a new company.

Here we will want to separate the records in to two buckets, by filtering on the ‘Enrichment Status’ field.

  1. Person & Company Enriched: Here we have been able to find the new company, so our recommendation would be to mark the record as ‘No Longer At Company’ in your database, and create a new contact in the new account.  The new company name can be seen in the field called ‘Company Name’ (Column C).   These are records we would recommend prioritizing, as these can be new leads in new or existing accounts.


  1. Person Enriched: As we were not able to find the new company here (Company Enriched), we would still recommend marking the records as ‘No Longer At Company’, but you may not want to prioritize these records.

One thing to watch out for here is that you will sometimes find ‘moved’ records with valid emails – one of the reasons that this happens is email accounts are not shut down but just forwarded after a person leaves.



People We Could Not Find, But Found Their Company

Filter the ‘Enrichment Status’ column to show ‘Company Enriched’.  This means that we could find the company but not find the person in our data sources, and could not verify socially or via email that the person was at the company.

Filter by Original Email Verification and choose Invalid or leave as is and have both Invalid and Unknown.  The Invalid leads will be a fraction of the ’Not Verified’, but have a higher confidence of being leads that no longer work at the company, since we couldn’t find them in our data or on social AND the email address doesn’t work. These are records you may want to deprioritize.

People & Companies We Could Not Find

Filter the ‘Enrichment Status’ column to show ‘Not Enriched’.  These are going to most often be leads with incomplete or bogus inputs, and may want to be considered for deprioritizing.  On average we see about 10% of a file returned as ‘Not Enriched’, but this number can be lower or much higher depending on how clean the input is. 

As a final note, at any time when considering data to keep or purge, your behavioral and engagement data, along with your funnel data will play a key role.  If you are looking to use this guide to purge records, we would recommend you also consider data such as last activity date, lead source, lead stage, etc.  Please contact your CSM if you have questions or would like a deeper discussion before moving forward with a contact or lead refresh.



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