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Site Level Matching

What it is: Lead to Account Matching & Site-Level Matching

Leadspace’s Lead to Account Matching solution allows our customers to automatically associate a new inbound lead with an account that currently exists in their database of leads and contacts.

Acme Corporation



Size Values











John Smith


1 Company


Site-Level Matching, a feature of Lead to Account matching, allows our customers to assign a new inbound lead not just with an account or company, but with a specific level in that company’s hierarchy. Assigning Joe Smith to the more granular eastern regional headquarters instead of, say, Starbucks corporate would be an example of this feature.

Visually represented, we have the ability to tie leads into any of the following levels in a company hierarchy:

  • Leadspace Matched:  Leadspace leverages AI powered analytics of social information in conjunction with legal and territory company structure to come up with the best matched company, most likely to be defined as the “Buying Center”.
  • Global Ultimate:  Registered Legal entity that is the global headquarters of the company.
  • Domestic Ultimate:  National level HeadQuarters office.
  • Site Level:  Specific locations or small offices, represents the smallest possible entity we were able to associate with the input.
Some Examples:
A lead working for AbeBooks Inc. in US could be assigned to sales team owning Canada territory (LS Match), or to the Domestic or Global Amazon account owner in WA (DU/GU), or to the MA sales team where lead is locally based (Site)

A lead working for Sky Chefs Inc. could be assigned to sales team owning NY territory (LS Match, Site), or to the Global account owner in Berlin, or to the NJ sales team (DU)

Lead coming from Cost Plus could potentially routed to CA Sales Team (LS, Site), Or NJ sales team (DU, GU).

Lead coming from Eloqua can be routed to Eloqua or Oracle.


Defining Business Objectives

Leadspace Lead to Account matching and Site-Level matching are aimed at optimizing the way inbound leads are handled. Below are some of the main business use cases that these two features can impact.

Optimize lead routing
: Lead to account matching can streamline your lead routing and minimize conflict within sales teams. In addition, if you assign leads based on prospective company hierarchy, site-level account matching can take this into account and simplify your routing. An example of this would be having field reps handle local customers and more senior sales executives handling national or global level prospects.

Many of the leads that go through your system should get a different treatment based on the fact that they are associated to companies that are either your customers, your target buyers, or affiliates of existing customers of yours. Knowing that would help you treat them differently and thus have better chances of success.

Database hygiene
: the first step in an integration with Lead to Account matching is to enrich the existing database. As such, Leadspace will identify duplicate accounts and streamline your current data set.

Let’s take Acme Corp, for instance, that one company can be listed multiple times in your CRM, without ever having the same data fields or references. Acme Corp would be listed with 20k employees from NY, Acme Corporation, will be listed with 5k employees from CA.

Database & CRM communication
: Lead to Account matching involves both managing the existing database and integrating with CRM and/or marketing automation tools. Lead to Account matching will help bring these potentially disparate systems into sync.

Your CRM doesn’t allow you understand the relationships between your accounts. The ones you already sold to and the ones you are working on. Understanding that Acme had already purchased your product via one of its subsidiaries should allow to trigger a much more effective sales process.

Client Inputs

Enrich Existing Database with Leadspace

The crux of lead to account matching involves the LSID or Leadspace ID. Because of this, we must enrich your existing account database so that each account is associated with an LSID. To do this, we can perform one of the following options:

1) Install the Leadspace for Salesforce batch enrichment application and run an entire account enrichment job through the application

2) Export your DB in a CSV and use the Leadspace On-Demand enrichment application to enrich it offline

3) Export your DB in a CSV and send it to the Leadspace analyst team to enrich

For options 2 and 3, you will need to provide the following inputs:

Mandatory input:

  • Account Name
  • Account ID – this can be any unique identifier you associate with an account. SFDC ID or Marketo ID are the most common identifiers our customers will use

Optional inputs (improves match rates and accuracy):

  • Zip
  • State
  • Country
  • Website
  • Email Domain
  • DUNS

Leadspace will then take this file and append the LSID to each account. Finally, we will pass this back to the customer to incorporate back into the existing database.

Integration Process

Field Selection

Leadspace allows you to pick and choose from a variety of fields, which can go up to 15 fields per hierarchy (site, Leadspace Matched, DU, GU). It is recommended to at least implement the fields for DU and Site level, as those are most commonly used for matching. 

At the appendix section below, you may find a sampled output for an enriched lead, with all available fields.

Create L2A webhook/cloud connector

In your marketing automation platform, we would create a new webhook (or cloud connector in the case of Eloqua), to be used in campaigns and append abovementioned fields.

Appendix – fields list 

Person Last Name

Company Name

Enrichment Status

Original Email Verification Status

Person Phone

Person Country

Person Products and Technologies

Executive Bio

Person LinkedIn Profile

Company Revenue - Exact

Company Revenue - Range

Company Country

Company SIC

Company NAICS

Company LinkedIn Profile

Site is Subsidiary

DU - Company Name

DU - Company Size - Exact

DU - Company Country

DU - Company State

DU - Company City

DU - Company SIC

DU - Company NAICS


GU - Company Revenue - Range

GU - Company Country

GU - Company State

GU - Company Phone

GU - Company Website

GU - Company SIC

Leadspace Matched - Company Size - Range

Leadspace Matched - Company Revenue - Exact

Leadspace Matched - Company Revenue - Range

Leadspace Matched - Company Street

Leadspace Matched - Company Zip code

Leadspace Matched - Company Phone

Person Title

Title - Original Input


Person State

Person City

Person Score

Person Level

Person Department

Company Industry

Company Sub-Industry

Company Size - Exact

Company State

Company Description

Company City

Company Street

Company Ranking Lists

Company Stock Ticker

DU - Company Size - Range

DU - Company Revenue - Exact

DU - Company Street

DU - Company Zip code

DU - Company Phone

GU - Company Name

GU - Company Size - Exact

GU - Company Size - Range

GU - Company City

GU - Company Street

Company Zip code

GU - Company NAICS


Leadspace Matched - Company Name

Leadspace Matched - Company Country

Leadspace Matched - Company State

LS Leadspace Matched ID

Leadspace Matched - Company Website

Leadspace Matched - Company SIC

Leadspace Matched - Company NAICS

Verification Source

Company Phone


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