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Value Mapping

The Leadspace Value Mapping option enables you to push custom values in place of Leadspace values.  This function is available on a majority of Leadspace fields including:

Company City*
Company Country*
Company Industry
Company Sub Industry
Company NAICS*
Company SIC*
Company Revenue - Exact*
Company Revenue - Range*
Company Size - Exact*
Company Size -Range*
Company State*
Company Website
Company Zipcode*
LS Company ID*
Original Email Verification Status
Person City
Person Country
Person Department
Person Level
Person State
Person Title
Site Is Subsidiary
Verification Source
Verification Status

*Available for GU, DU, and SITE fields

Why Value Map?

The most common use case for Value Mapping is aligning Leadspace values with a customer's existing picklist values. For example, for Company Size - Range, Leadspace uses "1-10", "11-50", etc. as values, whereas a customer might use "0-25", "25-100", etc. as values. Through Value Mapping, the customer can choose to receive the Leadspace value of "1-10" as "0-25" in their Salesforce/Marketing Automation platform instead.

A second use case for Value Mapping is translating Leadspace values into values that better fit a customer's needs. For example, if a customer needs very specific Company Industry values, he can leverage a NAICS to Industry mapping, and push a specific industry for each NAICS code. Leadspace offers 19 general industry values, but with a NAICS to Industry mapping, the customer can receive hundreds of specific industry values.

Value Mapping Examples

Source Field Name Rule First Value (Leadspace) Second Value (Leadspace) Target Field Name New Value(Custom)
Company Size - Exact IS BETWEEN 0 25 Company Size - Range 0-25
Company Size - Range EQUALS 1-10   Company Size - Range 0-25
Company State EQUALS TX   Company State Texas
Company NAICS EQUALS 611512   Company Industry Flight Training
Company Zipcode STARTS WITH 733   Company State Texas


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