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Leadspace Default Picklists

Below you can find all default picklist values that Leadspace offers.  As you create your fields, please take a look at the Leadspace picklists below, and if the values in your Salesforce differ from those of Leadspace, you can create a side-by-side comparison between the two.  You may do this by matching up equivalent values to each other in an Excel document and sending this matching exercise to your CSM.  The Leadspace value mapping will then perform a string comparison between Leadspace and customer picklist values, which will allow Leadspace to push customer values in place of Leadspace's.

Leadspace Person Levels

• C Level
• Board Level
• VP Level
• Director Level
• Manager Level
• Consultant
• Staff Level

Leadspace Person Departments

• Administration
• Business Development
• Finance
• Human Resources
• Information Technology
• Legal
• Management
• Marketing
• Operations
• Product Management
• R&D
• Sales

Leadspace Company Size Ranges

• Myself Only
• 1-10 employees
• 11-50 employees
• 51-200 employees
• 201-500 employees
• 501-1000 employees
• 1001-5000 employees
• 5001-10,000 employees
• 10,001+ employees

Leadspace Company Revenue Ranges

• $0-10 Million
• $10-50 Million
• $50-100 Million
• $100-250 Million
• $250-500 Million
• $500M-1 Billion
• > $1 Billion

Leadspace Industries and Sub-Industries

Leadspace Industry Leadspace Sub Industry
Agriculture & Mining Farming and Ranching
Agriculture & Mining Mining and Quarrying
Agriculture & Mining Agriculture & Mining Other
Agriculture & Mining Fishing, Hunting and Trapping
Agriculture & Mining Forestry and Logging
Business Services Advertising, Marketing and PR
Business Services Management Consulting
Business Services Legal Services
Business Services Business Services Other
Business Services HR and Recruiting Services
Business Services Security Services
Business Services Accounting and Tax Preparation
Business Services Facilities Management and Maintenance
Business Services Data and Records Management
Business Services Sales Services
Computers & Electronics Peripherals Manufacturing
Computers & Electronics Semiconductor and Microchip Manufacturing
Computers & Electronics Instruments and Controls
Computers & Electronics Network Security Products
Computers & Electronics Networking Equipment and Systems
Computers & Electronics Consumer Electronics, Parts and Repair
Computers & Electronics IT and Network Services and Support
Computers & Electronics Computers, Parts and Repair
Computers & Electronics Computers & Electronics Other
Computers & Electronics Audio, Video and Photography
Computers & Electronics Office Machinery and Equipment
Consumer Services Personal Care
Consumer Services Photofinishing Services
Consumer Services Consumer Services Other
Consumer Services Automotive Repair & Maintenance
Consumer Services Parking Lots and Garage Management
Consumer Services Laundry and Dry Cleaning
Consumer Services Funeral Homes and Funeral Services
Education Colleges and Universities
Education Education Other
Education Libraries, Archives and Museums
Education Elementary and Secondary Schools
Education Technical and Trade Schools
Education Sports, Arts and Recreation Instruction
Energy & Utilities Energy & Utilities Other
Energy & Utilities Gas and Electric Utilities
Energy & Utilities Waste Management and Recycling
Energy & Utilities Gasoline and Oil Refineries
Energy & Utilities Water Treatment and Utilities
Energy & Utilities Sewage Treatment Facilities
Financial Services Financial Services Other
Financial Services Investment Banking and Venture Capital
Financial Services Banks
Financial Services Insurance and Risk Management
Financial Services Securities Agents and Brokers
Financial Services Trust, Fiduciary, and Custody Activities
Financial Services Lending and Mortgage
Financial Services Credit Unions
Financial Services Credit Cards and Related Services
Government Government Other
Government International Bodies and Organizations
Government National Government
Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, & Biotech Hospitals
Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, & Biotech Doctors and Health Care Practitioners
Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, & Biotech Veterinary Clinics and Services
Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, & Biotech Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, and Biotech Other
Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, & Biotech Diagnostic Laboratories
Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, & Biotech Medical Supplies and Equipment
Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, & Biotech Personal Health Care Products
Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, & Biotech Medical Devices
Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, & Biotech Doctors and Health Care Practitioners
Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, & Biotech Pharmaceuticals
Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, & Biotech Biotechnology
Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, & Biotech Veterinary Clinics and Services
Manufacturing Food & Dairy Product Manufacturing and Packaging
Manufacturing Automobiles, Boats and Motor Vehicles
Manufacturing Manufacturing Other
Manufacturing Chemicals and Petrochemicals
Manufacturing Heavy Machinery
Manufacturing Aerospace and Defense
Manufacturing Alcoholic Beverages
Manufacturing Plastics and Rubber Manufacturing
Manufacturing Concrete, Glass, and Building Materials
Manufacturing Textiles, Apparel and Accessories
Manufacturing Tools, Hardware and Light Machinery
Manufacturing Metals Manufacturing
Manufacturing Paper and Paper Products
Manufacturing Furniture Manufacturing
Manufacturing Farming and Mining Machinery and Equipment
Media & Entertainment Media & Entertainment Other
Media & Entertainment Newspapers, Books and Periodicals
Media & Entertainment Motion Picture and Recording Producers
Media & Entertainment Radio and Television Broadcasting
Media & Entertainment Motion Picture Exhibitors
Media & Entertainment Performing Arts
Non-Profit Non-Profit Other
Non-Profit Religious Organizations
Non-Profit Social and Membership Organizations
Non-Profit Charitable Organizations and Foundations
Real Estate & Construction Architecture,Engineering and Design
Real Estate & Construction Real Estate & Construction Other
Real Estate & Construction Construction and Remodeling
Real Estate & Construction Construction Equipment and Supplies
Retail Retail Other
Retail Grocery and Specialty Food Stores
Retail Sporting Goods, Hobby, Book, and Music Stores
Retail Clothing and Shoes Stores
Retail Jewelry, Luggage, and Leather Goods Stores
Retail Restaurants and Bars
Retail Furniture Stores
Retail Automobile Dealers
Retail Hardware and Building Material Dealers
Retail Beer, Wine, and Liquor Stores
Retail Department Stores
Retail Gasoline Stations
Retail Florists
Software & Internet Software
Software & Internet E-commerce and Internet Businesses
Software & Internet Software & Internet Other
Software & Internet Games and Gaming
Software & Internet Wireless and Mobile
Telecommunications Telecommunications Other
Telecommunications Telephone Service Providers and Carriers
Telecommunications Telecommunications Equipment and Accessories
Transportation & Storage Air Couriers and Cargo Services
Transportation & Storage Transportation & Storage Other
Transportation & Storage Warehousing and Storage
Transportation & Storage Marine and Inland Shipping
Transportation & Storage Freight Hauling (Rail and Truck)
Transportation & Storage Postal, Express Delivery, and Couriers
Travel, Recreation, and Leisure Hotels, Motels and Lodging
Travel, Recreation, and Leisure Travel Agents & Services
Travel, Recreation, and Leisure Participatory Sports and Recreation
Travel, Recreation, and Leisure Resorts and Casinos
Travel, Recreation, and Leisure Gambling and Gaming Industries
Travel, Recreation, and Leisure Amusement Parks and Attractions
Travel, Recreation, and Leisure Trains, Buses and Transit Systems
Travel, Recreation, and Leisure Taxi and Limousine Services
Wholesale & Distribution Office Equipment and Supplies Wholesalers
Wholesale & Distribution Wholesale & Distribution Other
Wholesale & Distribution Petroleum Products Wholesalers
Wholesale & Distribution Grocery and Food Wholesalers
Wholesale & Distribution Chemicals and Plastics Wholesalers
Wholesale & Distribution Automobile Parts Wholesalers
Wholesale & Distribution Lumber and Construction Materials Wholesalers
Wholesale & Distribution Apparel Wholesalers
Wholesale & Distribution Beer, Wine, and Liquor Wholesalers
Wholesale & Distribution Metal & Mineral Wholesalers
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