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Marketo: Setting Up An Ongoing Automated Database Refresh Enrichment Flow

Campaign Objective - Automatically send leads for enrichment 90 days* (the period is set by your contract) from their last enrichment, thus ensuring that your Marketo leads are refreshed quarterly.

Campaign Components:


1.  Autofill LS Updated: First things first, we will need to backfill the LS Updated field in any leads that were enriched via offline Leadspace files.  Because these leads did not go through the webhook, they were never populated with the "LS Updated" value as it is a technical field only.  

Create a new batch campaign titled "Autofill LS Updated"


In the Smart List tab, add the following filters to filter out only the leads that have a business LS enrichment status but no LS Updated value:


In the Flow tab, add a step to update the LS Updated field to today's date and time:


In the schedule tab, click "Schedule Recurrence" at the top, and set this campaign to run weekly, on the weekends, with no end date.  From here on out, any offline files that you import into your system will be updated with an LS Updated value of the following Saturday date and time.


2. Send to Webhook: Next, to support the enrichment of non-triggered events, we will need to create a requested campaign, to send leads for enrichment - This campaign will be the only conduit to send leads for Leadspace DB Refresh.


Set to run every time, click Save, and “Activate.”


3.  Create two static lists ("DB Refresh - Queue" and "DB Refresh - Ongoing") to support the automated process and allow post-process review

Navigate to your Lead Database and create two new lists.  


Title your lists "DB Refresh - Queue" and "DB Refresh - Ongoing"


4. Create a new batch campaign "DB Refresh - Send to Queue" - only used for the first automated DB refresh

If you would like to refresh Contacts as well, please make sure to add the LS Updated Date (C) as well.

In the Flow tab, add a step to send these leads to the list "DB Refresh - Queue":


5.  Create a new batch campaign "DB Refresh - Execute" - Enrich the initial Queue at a conservative rate to avoid API throttling - The random sample size can range from 7% for DBs of more than 1M leads, and up to 15%, for DBs of less than 250k leads.


After leads are enriched, we remove them from the "DB Refresh - Queue" list (which is only used for the first execution) and move them to the “DB Refresh - Ongoing” List, so that they will be resent every 90 days.


Schedule to run every day of the weekend until there are no remaining leads in the list named “DB Refresh - Queue.”


2. DB Refresh - Ongoing - Lastly we create the ongoing campaign, so that leads will now automatically be enriched upon hitting the 90 days mark from their last enrichment.



Set to run every time, click Save, and “Activate.”


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