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Marketo: Creating Automated Leadspace Triggered Campaigns

A triggered campaign is a campaign that launches automatically when a specific action occurs. For example, you can use a triggered campaign to automatically enrich a lead upon lead creation.

Triggered campaigns must have at least one trigger in their Smart List tab.  When a lead activates the trigger, it will immediately proceed through the campaign's flow, which in this case is to call the Leadspace webhook.

To create an automated smart campaign that sends leads through for enrichment, use one of the following common triggers in your "Smart List" tab:

Trigger Name Description

Campaign is Requested


If a lead is manually sent through the campaign

Data Value Changes


If any data value on a record, includes all fields available for edit/update in Marketo and Salesforce is changed.

Fills Out Form


If someone fills out a form.

Lead is Created


If a lead is created in Marketo. You can add constraints to this trigger, including source, list name, etc

Score is Changed


If a lead score is changed.

Added to List


 If a lead/contact is added to a Marketo static list.

Once you have a trigger set in your "Smart List" tab, navigate to the "Flow" tab and set the following flow step:

Call Webhook => select your Leadspace webhook


Finally navigate to the "Schedule" tab, click "Edit" on Smart Campaign Settings, and set "Run each lead through the campaign flow" to "Every Time"

Click "Activate"

You have finished creating your automated Leadspace enrichment campaign!

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