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Marketo: Moved Flow


One of the primary impacts of a contact moving is on the existing account and/or deals.  You can update an existing lead/contact indicating they are no longer with the company as well as set up an alert Marketing Automation system (in this example, Marketo) to notify the Account Owner of the change.  You can do this in a few quick steps.

Step #1: Setup a Campaign titled “LS Moved Flow” or something similar

Step #2: Build a Smart List that listens for any time the LS Verified Status changes to “Moved” AND LS Verification Source contains 'Social'

How to create a notification for moved Contacts?

Step #3a: Configure an Alert to be sent to the Account Owner notifying them that the contact has moved. The Account Owner can then notify the relevant members of the Account Team and begin to identify the contacts replacement to avoid risk or churn

Updating Existing Lead?

Step #3a: 'Change Data Value' on fields that will indicate to your team that this lead and/or contact has moved. In our example, we updated the Contact Status (perhaps you have a Lead Status as well) as well as the Unqualified Reason to 'No Longer with Company'. 


Please keep in mind if any of the values you are updating are synced to Salesforce and they are picklist field type to have the value match as to not cause as sync issues.

Acquiring Additional Information on the Contact

In addition to notifying the existing Account Owner you may also want to acquire additional information on the contacts new company, role, etc.  You can leverage the following campaign to re-enrich the "Moved" contact.

Step #1: Setup a Campaign titled “Enrich Moved Leads” or something similar

Step #2: Build a Smart List that listens for anytime the LS Verified Status changes to "Moved" and the new Company that is provided (i.e. Enriched Company is not empty)

Step 3: Configure a flow to 1) Populate the input Company Name with the new company the contact has moved to and 2) Send the lead to the standard Leadspace Enrichment Campaign.
This flow will enrich the contact with all their new demographic and firmographic information.  This information can be leveraged by the sales organization to target this new prospect!

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