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Marketo: Resend Leads For Enrichment

To resend leads enriched during a specified period of time back through the Leadspace webhook, you may perform the following steps.

First, make sure you have the "Leadspace On-Demand Enrichment" smart campaign in your Marketing Activities section.  If you don't, you can create one by doing the following:

  1. Navigate to "Marketing Activities"
  2. Create a new smart campaign titled "Leadspace On-Demand Enrichment"
  3. In the Smart List tab, add the following filter:
    Campaign is Requested => Source is "Marketo Flow Action"

  4. In the Flow tab, add the following flow step:
    Call Webhook => select Leadspace webhook
  5. In the Schedule tab, click "Edit" on Smart Campaign Settings
    Set "Run each lead through the campaign flow" to "Every Time"

  6. Click "Activate"

Once you have your "Leadspace On-Demand Enrichment" smart campaign created, perform the following steps to create a campaign to resend leads back for enrichment

  1. Create a new smart campaign
  2. In the Smart List tab, add the following filter:
    LS Updated "between" <start date> <end date>  => this captures all leads enriched by Leadspace within the specified period of time

  3. In the Flow tab, add the following flow steps:
    Change Data Value
      -  Attribute: LS System Status
      -  New Value: <leave empty> => this will clear out the technical enrichment status field so that the lead can be resent for enrichment
    Request Campaign => find your Leadspace On-Demand Enrichment smart campaign

  4. In the Schedule tab, click "Run Once" to run the qualified leads through the campaign

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