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Marketo: 4 Simple Steps to Create Unique ABM Campaigns


Using Leadspace's LSIDs shouldn't be all about creating complex flows and custom code. Sometimes, a very simple setup can yield an effective marketing process, with a fraction of the effort.

In the example below we will demonstrate a specific use case, that may fit several others, using the same methodology. 

We would like to create a campaign, taking all the leads that are associated with accounts in pipeline for the next quarter. We would send them a specific content, to nurture them in advance to the sales effort.


Step 1 - assemble the list (up to 999) of the GU LSIDs you wish to target. In the example below, we chose to target all accounts with open opportunities for the upcoming FQ.

Export the report, copy all of the GU LSID (be sure to remove duplicates).


Step 2 - Setup your marketo Campaign to assemble the list of leads that are associated with these accounts, using the GU LSID as your linking entity, simply paste the list of GU LSID values as a filter.


Step 3 - Push Matched leads to a specific Email Campaign, containing specific messaging, so your sales team will get a much warmer account to call on in due time.


Step 4 - Activate the campaign with your prefered settings



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