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Marketo: LS Status vs. LS System Status

Leadspace offers two different status fields.  This article will explain the difference between the two and the values they both offer.

LS System Status/LS Technical Status: 

  • Possible values: Enriched, Pending Enrichment, Error (insufficient credits), Error (invalid input)
  • This is the technical status of the enrichment process and does not give an indication to the amount of information Leadspace was able to bring back or the quality of the enrichment. 
  • This field is designed to help the customer ensure the technical enrichment process is
    working as expected, identify leads that have passed through the enrichment webhook, and understand if there are any errors in the system.
  • This field is not typically exposed in Salesforce, but can be used in smart lists to find out which fields were physically sent through the webhook and successfully reached the Leadspace servers.

LS Status/LS Enrichment Status

  •  Possible values: Person Enriched, Company Enriched, Person and Company Enriched, Not Enriched)
  • This is the business or enrichment status of the lead and actually indicates the quality of the enrichment/ amount of information Leadspace was able to find for this lead.
  • This field is designed to help the customer better utilize the data and implement it in business processes and campaigns




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