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Marketo: Auto Append Leadspace Data to Standard Fields

Setting up an automated mechanism to append Leadspace data to standard fields is a common method being used by many of our customers. 

This tutorial walks through how to set this up in Marketo.

The logic of the campaign is as follows:

After the lead is being enriched by Leadspace, the LS Status field change triggers the append campaign. adding some basic filters:
1. Exclude leads that weren't successfully enriched.
2. Exclude "moved" leads. 
3. Exclude leads for which we were unable to find specific data elements.

The triggered leads are then being stamped with LS data to the standard field, only if said standard field was blank.



New value appended from an existing field is denoted by {{lead.Field Name}}  in the case below, we are appending the Leadspace Company State field from the lead - {{lead.Enriched Company State}} where Billing State is empty







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