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Marketo - Implementing Intent data

Overview of Steps for Activating Intent

  1. Create the following fields: ‘LS Surging Topics’, and ‘Primary Lead’, ‘LS Intent Score’ (if purchased) in SFDC
  2. Options for identifying the Primary Contact or Target Accounts.
  3. SFDC: Import and populate the ‘Primary Lead’ custom field using Data Loader
  4. Marketo: Set up ‘Intent Webhook’ Integration
  5. Marketo: Set up a campaign to send where ‘Primary Lead’ = Yes to run thru the Intent Webhook to get the Intent score enriched
  6. Once enriched, Marketo will send the intent score back into SFDC
  7. Create a flow to copy the ‘LS Intent Score’ from the lead object to the account object if desired

1) Field Creation

Create the following Fields inside your CRM and/or MA (if no integration)

A) Name: LS Surging Topics

Object: Contact/Account

Type: Text

B) Name: LS Primary Contact

Object: Contact

Type: Text

C) Name: LS Intent Score (only for predictive model with Intent)

Object: Contact/Account

Type: Text

2) How to identify the Primary Contact?

The Primary Contact will be used to associate your ABM and/or Named Accounts that you would like to target to get Intent Data. The intention is not to refresh your entire account database but a sub-set. The first thing that is needed is, you will need to run a report of all the Contacts associated to the Accounts you want to target for Intent data in SFDC.

The Columns that are needed are:

Account ID

Contact ID

Account Name

Contact First Name

Contact Last Name

Contact Title

Contact Email

Contact Status

Add a filter

'Deleted from Marketo' = FALSE -- this field name could differ, but a filter will need to be added to identify those contacts that are also in Marketo as well.

If you have Lead-to-Account Matching enabled. You can create a Report that shows leads for each Matched Account

Report Type: Lead


Matched Account NOT “” (Not Blank)

Lead Type = Prospect (can add Partner or other types of Lead that are for ABM accounts)

Lead Status NOT = Sales Accepted (want to see leads that Sales are not currently working on)

'Deleted from Marketo' (or equivalent field) = FALSE

Format: Summary

Group-by: Matched Account


  • Lead ID
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email

(Optional Columns)

  • Company/Account
  • Company Website/Domain
  • Lead Source
  • Lead Status
  • Lead Type
  • Named Account? (If there is a field that you use to identify your ABM or Named Accounts)

Please send the report to your CSM; our team will be able to help to identify the Primary Contact. You can also tag a contact as the Primary Contact per Account.

Once identified, you will need update SFDC to populate the ‘LS Primary Contact’. You can do this by using Data Loader.

You will need the ‘Contact ID’ and the ‘LS Primary Contact’ custom field set to ‘True’

4) Set up ‘Intent Webhook’ Integration

Our Integration team will have a call with you to set up a new Webhook for the weekly refresh of Intent data. We will need your SOAP URL as well

Webhook URL:{{company.Company Name:default=}}&update={{lead.lSUpdated:default=}}&index={{system.munchkinId}}_{{}}

Payload Template:
data={"type":"Spotlighting","name":"Spotlight Marketo","externalId":{{}},"companyWebsite":{{company.Website:default=}},"api":"Marketo","enrichStatus":{{lead.LS Status:default=}},"sourceType":"Api","companyCountry":{{company.Billing Country:default=}},"companyState":{{company.Billing State:default=}},"companyCity":{{company.Billing City:default=}}} 

Response Mapping

Once everything is updated, a new campaign will need to be created inside Marketo:

Schedule to run once for week. Best practice is to run on Saturday or Sunday night so that it will not impact Marketo performance.

5) This will automatically send scores to the Contact level in SFDC. 

6) You will then need to create or modify a flow to push the Intent Score from the Contact level to the Account. To create a flow from the Contact level to the Account, please refer to the following article - Pushing Leadspace Company data from contacts to accounts

Please let us know if you have any questions on intent by emailing

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