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Marketo: Testing Your New Leadspace Integration

Once you have completed your Leadspace Integration on your Marketo platform, you may leverage the 100 free test credits designated to you by your Leadspace team to test your new enrichment flow.  As a reminder, these test credits are free of charge and do not come out of your contract.

You can test out your new enrichment flow by requesting the Leadspace On-Demand Smart Campaign created during the integration call, which will call the Leadspace webhook for enrichment.

Go into your Lead Database and select the lead(s) you would like to run through enrichment


Once you have selected and highlighted your leads, go to "Lead Actions" => "Special" => "Request Campaign"


Then select the Leadspace On-Demand Campaign, which was created during the Marketo Integration meeting.  Click Run Now.


Once the lead runs through the webhook, take a look at the results and make sure nothing looks off.

Below are a couple of potential issue examples to look out for while testing:

  • Is the webhook call going through? If the webhook is called and no LS fields are populating, this could indicate an issue with the integration setup.
  • Are any LS fields not populating when they should be? If so, this would indicate an issue with the field mapping. Please note, that Leadspace may not be able to find 100% of all field data.  If, however, the field is blank for an unusually large volume of leads, this may indicate a missing field mapping.
  • Are any of your picklists misaligned with the default Leadspace picklists provided? If so, this would indicate an issue with the value mapping. (for more information on Leadspace picklists and value mapping, click here)

If you experience any of the above issues, please contact Leadspace Support at with screenshots of the issue and, if possible, try answering the following questions:

  1. Try enriching a different lead.  Does the issue happen with every lead you attempt to enrich?  Or just one or a select few?
  2. Is it possible you have exceeded your API calls for the day?
  3. Does the lead you are enriching have a valid first name, last name, and company name?
  4. Is your campaign queue backlogged?

Once you approve of the look and feel of your new fields, your CSM can get you set up with your real contract credits.

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